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Public Relations


Giovanni Giacchi

PR & Journalist

Graduated in Modern Literature, professional journalist since 1993. 
He wrote for "Il Resto del Carlino", "Il Tirreno", "Il Messaggero". He wrote for a long time for "Il Giornale" from Bologna, Rome and London. 
He’s been editor of magazines like "Gusto in Viaggio" and "BTF Business Tourism & Fashion". 
He has been a journalist and publisher of publications on Business, International Politics, Tourism and Food and Wine in many European capitals such as London, Brussels, Madrid, Warsaw, Kiev, Prague, Moscow, Seville. In these cities he lived 25 of his 55 years. 


H. Elias Fröhlich


After humanistic grammar school and commercial apprenticeship 15 years, Editor-in-chief at the youth magazine "Pop/Rocky", No. 2 in Germany behind "Bravo". Then 20 years as head of music at Blick, most recently as people reporter at "GlücksPost".

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