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Bruno Birkhofer

for more than 20 years i have been involved in design and visual communication. advertising photography is my profession, art photography my passion. 20 years ago i founded the internet agency screensolutions gmbh and specialized in web design and visual communication.


André Metzger

as the owner of the trading company mtr - health & spa ag in wilen b. wollerau, i am passionate about the topics of recovery, prevention, rehabilitation, pain therapy, competitive sports, wellness, anti-aging and beauty.


Roland Köppel

for about 25 years i have been dealing with multimedia, events, experiences and staging. for the last 10 years i have been enthusiastically lecturing as a professor at the university of applied sciences graubünden in the bachelor course multimedia production on the subject of "event production and event communication".

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Mathias Mend

hearing aid acoustician, academy for hearing aid acoustics in lübeck (d), extensive self-study in health, nutrition, exercise with focus on water, drinking water expert.


Rolf Senti

as ceo and vr president of bagno sasso, senti positioned his international company in the mid- to high-end luxury segment. in the process, he won various awards and distinctions worldwide, such as the red dot design award best of the best or the good design award athenaeum architecture of design chicago.


Thomas Degen

thomas degen grew up in felsberg, graubünden. after training as a gymnastics and sports teacher at the university of berne, he was appointed to what is now the industrial vocational school in chur. however, he discovered his passion for tourism during his high school years in a hotel in arosa.


Ramon Montanes

hospitality + wellness


health & care


Patrick Schwärzler

consulting and planning for individual residential and hotel concepts, strategic purchasing ff&e, color and material design, upholstered furniture and textiles of all kinds, building owner representation, for hoteliers and private customers, material, consulting as well as creation of design concepts


Rolf Kaufmann

several years of professional experience on the one hand and today's independent position as an independent asset manager on the other hand also allow me an objective, "best-in-class" based approach and solution when it comes, for example, to the financing of a construction project or the development of new types of financing instruments (keyword "leasing").

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